DCI Championships

Congratulations to Kevin Delzepich, Emma Werner and Rheaven NeSmith on their amazing performance with the Academy Drum Corps this summer!

Corporate Sponsorships

Are you a business owner or work for a business that wants to support high school students with their passion for music? Do you want your business to be exposed to scores of teenage kids and their families? Please review our 2019 – 2020 Corporate Sponsorship Program where you can help at varying levels of financial support, including buying individual musical instruments. We truly appreciate our wonderful community who provides support to this wonderful program. For further information, please contact Yolanda Crosson at yolandacrosson@gmail.com

It’s Marching Band Season!!

Band Camp ended on Saturday, July 21 in Prescott with beautiful weather, a sneak peek of the new show “Rattler” and a lot of motivated students.

It was a week of very hard work by the students and directors that culminated in a performance to remember. All parts of the marching band were showcased in front of parents, family and friends. We are so proud to be a part of this community as we watch our students perform so well this early in the year. We can’t wait to see the show progress over the coming weeks.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped facilitate the event, and thank you to all the family members that made the drive from Phoenix. This world class band organization appreciates your on-going support.

A special thank you to Michael Schaaf of Schaaf Images for taking so many wonderful pictures Saturday. We truly appreciate his dedication to the organization. You can find further information about Schaaf Images on his website.

2019 Marching Band Show – “Rattler”

Rattlesnake – one of the most resilient creatures living in our desert, like our Aztecs! Our 2019 Aztec Marching Band show is titled “Rattler” with music illustrating why rattlesnakes are the king of the Arizona desert.  View the show video theme by clicking here. 

Rattler will show the audience how these amazing reptiles survive and live in the harsh Arizona desert conditions through music and movement. Trust us, this year’s show will make snakes more intriguing than they ever have been to you with no anti-venom needed and being within striking distance will be the most desired viewing position!

Help us bring the rattlesnake to life by helping sponsor a tarp the length of the football field! Sponsorships are only $50 each.

**All sponsors and their wishes will be published on our website**

Our Brass is on the Line!


New Members

8th Grade Families: If your student is interested in joining the Aztec Marching Band, please fill out the Interest Form here.  Thank you!