Welcome to the CdS Band Boosters Volunteer webpage! This is a collection of the primary events and support roles that the Band Boosters provides to the Bands organization at Corona del Sol, but it is not meant to be an exhaustive or comprehensive list. These are the tasks we do all the time, and always need volunteer support.

Help be a part of this wonderful and generous community to support our kids and band directors. No experience required!  Just donate an hour at an event, lend support to a specific band function or join a year long committee. There is something for everyone within the Band Boosters. Please read over all the many opportunities you have to contribute.

Thank you so much for your willingness to help!

Please click here for our SignUpGenius site for Immediate Volunteer Needs 

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Also, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer within the Tempe Union High School District (e.g., so you can be a bus-rider, chaperone, etc.) you will want to complete the TUHSD volunteer process.

CdS Invitational for Marching Band

Committee Chair: Tina Milyiori and Adam Malik

This is the primary fundraising event for the academic year for the Band Boosters and we need a large number of volunteers to support this event.

On October 15, 2022 the Aztec Marching Band at Corona del Sol High School will be hosting the 2022 Crown of the Sun Marching Invitational. This year’s event will be our biggest yet with high school band programs participating in this ABODA-adjudicated competition.

We will need your help!  This invitational requires the support of hundreds of volunteers and loaned/donated items so please mark this date on your calendars.

Help will be needed in a large number of areas, but include the following:

  • Vendor Ad Sales
  • Fundraising Sales
  • Concessions
  • Parking
  • Volunteer Check In
  • Band Check In
  • Band Liaisons
  • Hydration
  • Trash Control
  • Ticket Sales


The Membership team is responsible for updating and maintaining the Band Booster Directory that is made available to Boosters from the Booster website. The Band Booster Directory contains contact information for each booster family/student electing to participate.

Alumni Outreach

This team works to maintain close ties with our alumni through communications about events within the band.  The goal is to keep them within in the band family as they transition to boosters.


Volunteers are needed to help with acquisition, storage and sales of Band Booster products such as T-shirts and other items. If new shirts or other products are being offered, the volunteers will design or collaborate on the design, with feedback from the booster board. Products are sold during most booster meetings, especially early in the season, during the band camp BBQ and at other events.


Throughout the year, we complete a large number of fundraising events that require volunteer support.  Below is a an overview of a few of these committees:

Corporate Sponsorships

This committee focuses on engaging local businesses that can help support the band through various levels of corporate sponsorships.

Restaurant Nights

Every month we engage an area restaurant that is willing to support the band by providing a portion of their proceeds from sales related to CdS customers.

Percussion Yard Sale

Typically held in the fall, donations are collected from the community and sold at a yard sale at the school. Collected money supports the percussion department.

Guard Fundraising

The committee supports fundraising efforts specifically for the color guard.  They create a number of events throughout the year that including car washes and jewelry sales.

Poinsettia Sales

The Poinsettia Fundraiser is run at the end of the Fall season to order Poinsettias for the holiday season for the Band Booster members. The flowers are delivered for the Holiday Concert in December and used as decorations for the event, and then distributed after the event to the people who purchased them.


During band events throughout the year, photos are taken and then sold as a fundraiser for the band boosters.  Photographers are needed to available at each event

Videographer/DVD Production

The band videographer records video from every performance and post it as soon as possible to the band booster website. Additional video is also recorded at band camp, rehearsals, sectionals, and in the stands. All of that footage along with some photos is consolidated into a DVD (or blu-ray) which is distributed to all of the band boosters.

Marching Band Uniform Fitting, Assignment, and Alterations

Before the start of each Marching Band Season, each non pit band member is fitted for a band uniform. Volunteers are sought who help with fitting and altering uniforms for each band member.

Marching Band Uniform Check-In

This team of volunteers check that each band member hangs their uniform appropriately after a performance, be it a football game or after competition or other performance. The team also checks their shakos after each performance to make sure they are properly put away. In coordination with the alteration team, this group also check to see if any alterations or cleaning are needed before the next performance and they show students how to air out their uniforms. Duties also include setting up tables in hallway for check-in, helping students with any uniform issues as they dress, check uniforms after half time for pit and after game for rest of band, and putting tables away after check-in and make sure uniform room is clean.

Marching Band Hydration Team

The Hydration Team supplies ice and water to the band students to ensure they remain hydrated before, during and after practices and performances. The team is available during practices, home and away football games, as well as at the CdS Invitational.

Marching Band Pit Crew

The Pit Crew is primarily involved with helping move the Pit instruments and Drum Major platforms from equipment staging areas (usually a parking lot at the event site) to the field for performance. Crew members also assist with instrument set up at the direction of students. When performances conclude, crew members assist the students with getting their equipment off the field as quickly (but orderly) as possible and return the instruments to the equipment staging area. No experience is necessary to be part of this team!

Truck Drivers

Throughout the year, we need help moving band equipment to and from events. This committee has a list of qualified on call drivers that can help pick up and drop off box trucks from local leasing companies and drive the vehicles to and from band events.

Bus Riders

Adult volunteers are needed to ride buses with students to and from band events.  The greatest need is during marching band season for away football games. All adult volunteers for these positions must be cleared and background checked by the Tempe Union HS District in order to volunteer for this position. This process albeit fairly easy can take as long as 6-8 weeks to complete. There is a sign up genius for each event.

Marching Band Senior Night

This committee makes preparations to honor the Marching Band seniors and their parents for their dedication and hard work as an Aztec Marching Band Member/Supporter. The parents and students are honored at Senior Night (the last home football game). Volunteers are needed in preparation of the event, as well as for the day of the event.

Marching Band Awards Banquet

At the completion of Marching Band Season an Awards Banquet and dance is held.  Volunteers are needed to plan, setup, serve food and clean up at the event.

Concert Hospitality Team

Parent volunteers from all bands performing in concerts come early to receive donations of cookies (brought by band parents) and stay with the cookies on a rotating basis while the concert is going so that all get their chances to see their child perform. The same parent volunteers help clean up after the concert and a few parents who have freezer space take remaining cookies home to store for the next event. Volunteers also need to help with filling coolers for water, putting out tablecloths, napkins, cups, etc. and setting up tables.

Winter Concert and Dinner

Volunteers plan, setup, serve food and clean up at a fundraising dinner before the winter concert.

Trip Food

Volunteers plan and prepare food for the band members on an as needed basis.  Generally this will happen 2 to 4 times per year and the food menu is decided by the band directors. Duties are to buy and assemble food to be taken on the band trips.