Jazz Band Auditions

Auditions: online submission – due by Thursday December 22, 2022 at 3 pm. Jazz auditions are for Band and Part Assignment (i.e. – Jazz Band I or Jazz Band II, Trumpet 3 part, etc.)

If selected, members will commit to:

  • Signing up for JAZZ BAND course (0 Hour course, starts 2nd semester in Jan.)
  • Paying the school 0 Hour School Fee for JAZZ BAND (usually $175)
  • Arriving 10 minutes EARLY to start warming up (6:10 am)
  • Rehearsing every day during ZERO HOUR (6:20 am – 7:15 am)
  • Practicing your parts outside of class – this is an “honor band”
  • Listening to jazz artists during your free time (again, this is an honor band)
  • Playing at every concert and event.
  • Having a positive attitude and working hard to make our jazz bands the best!

Audition Material:

  • Submit an audition at: flip.com/cdsjazz (login with Google, then login with your school email address)
  • “Billie’s Bounce” – play along with backing recording her:
  •  https://youtu.be/Ttn7D-WB9R0
  • You can embellish the melody and “make it your own” – listen to this song played by various artists to get ideas (listen to people on YouTube like Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, etc.)
  • Make sure you are using correct swing style and articulations.
  • After you play the melody 2 times (with repeat signs) you will then improvise a solo.  Practice this with the recording on the website. 
  • Rhythm section auditions:
    • Drum set: swing grooves at 120, 200; rock beat at 112
    • Guitar/Piano: Play “Billie’s Bounce” melody 1st time, chords “comping” 2nd time, improvise a solo 3rd time
    • Bass: Play “Billie’s Bounce” melody 1st time, improvised quarter note walking bass line 2nd time, improvise a solo 3rd time

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