Congratulations Art Seal Recipients!

Special congratulations to Corona Band seniors who have applied and been awarded the 2019-20 Arts Seal of Proficiency from the State of Arizona Department of Education! They will receive a special seal on their diploma recognizing the extra work they have contributed to the Band and their arts studies over the last four years at Corona. 

  • Andy Amazeen
  • Thomas Carroll
  • Carson Clark
  • Maleah Cooper
  • Kevin Delzepich
  • Heather Dominguez
  • Lauren Greenberg
  • Kara Hardy
  • Jax Hatfield
  • Isabelle Henderson
  • Kendall Jarman
  • Mikale Kaminer
  • Tommy LaPenna
  • Daniel Lim
  • Sam Maurer
  • Lisa Masuyama
  • Gina Mills
  • Drelyn Monroe
  • Alex Pichardo
  • Eliades Ponce
  • Tyler Shelton
  • Christopher Shin
  • Maxine Tuason
  • David Utagawa
  • Anika Voss

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