Welcome to the CdS Band Boosters Volunteer webpage! This is a collection of the primary events and support roles that the Band Boosters provides to the Bands organization at Corona del Sol, but it is not meant to be an exhaustive or comprehensive list. These are the tasks we do all the time, and that all need volunteers to keep working and moving forward.

Since High School is a 4-year endeavor for the average band member, the turnover in volunteer support is high, so it is vital that we keep new blood coming in for all the senior parents and volunteers that move on every year. Please read over all the many opportunities you have to contribute – time commitments range from a few hours at one event all the way up to a year-long commitment to support a particular service we provide.

Anything you can contribute is very welcome. If you are interested, please fill out the online form indicating the event and/or support role you are interested in. Thank you so much for your willingness to help! A list of current committee chairs (and open positions) can be found on the Boosters page.

Please click here for our SignUpGenius site for Immediate Volunteer Needs 


Also, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer within the Tempe Union High School District (e.g., so you can be a bus-rider, chaperone, etc.) you will want to complete the TUHSD volunteer process.

CdS Invitational

This is the primary fundraising event for the academic year for the Band Boosters. Usually held on the Tuesday in the 1st week of October, CdS hosts as many as 10 area Marching Bands to a non-ABODA Invitational event, that provides an excellent opportunity for the various band to “test drive” their shows before the main competition season starts. Concessions and Hydration at the event are listed elsewhere on this page. The other duties needed include parking control, volunteer and band check-in, band liaisons (each band is assigned a volunteer to stay with them and address any needs that arise), fundraising sales, program assembly and production (ad sales are listed on this page elsewhere), trash control, ticket sales, and a whole host of other things. Volunteers needed: as many as 50 people during the course of the evening.

Time commitment: usually about 1-2 hours during the event, timed and rotated so people can enjoy the event as well as help; and some time before the event in planning and acquiring donations and other materials needed for the event.

Invitational Program Chair

(part of CdS Invitational Team) This person serves as the central collection point for purchased vendor ads by either email and or snail mail. Accurate records need to be kept of vendor name, ad size, payment, and the mailing of a free brochure after the event. Volunteer needs to provide help to vendors to create their ads for the program. Volunteer needs to collect the money paid for ads, and submit the ads to the relevant volunteer for program manufacture. Volunteer needs to be available to answer questions for perspective vendor ads.

Time commitment: only an hour or two a week but starting as early as the end of July for the event in the 1st week of October.

CdS Invitational Concessions

Volunteers for this signature event are vitally needed to help run the event on the night of (during the 1st week of October) and to help plan, purchase, and clean up after the event. Volunteers will need to work with the School to get permission to use the existing concessions stands in the stadium area. Well in advance volunteers need to work with the Invitational coordinator to make sure anticipated numbers are understood, and menu planning and personnel have all been addressed. Food and materials need to be purchased ahead of time, and the event needs to be set up usually the night before. Heavy cleaning in the concessions stands is usually needed. Coordinate donations of water, food, and anything else with the Band Boosters board, and raise any concerns with both the Board and the Band Directors as they occur. Organize drop off of donations, and storage before the event. Identify and coordinate volunteers together as a team, with rotations so that all jobs are covered and no-one is asked to do too much. Coordinate with Treasurer for cash boxes to handle sales on the night of the event, post menus, and balance cash boxes after the event with the Treasurer. Coordinate all cooking and food preparation needs, as well as adequate storage of cooked foods while awaiting sales. Clean up after the event is huge and allows us to use the facilities next year.

Time commitment: anything from an hour on the night to as much as you’re willing to provide – this is the major fundraising event for the Band Boosters each year, everyone needs to pull together in support of this.


The Membership team is responsible for creating the Band Booster Directory. The Band Booster Directory contains contact information for each booster family/student electing to participate. The directory is printed with the information provided on the Band Booster Membership Application form. The membership team inputs that data into a spreadsheet (reconciling incorrect and redundant data), creates a printer-ready copy of the information, and arranges the printing. Since the directory has traditionally been created using a Word merge-print document populated by an Excel spreadsheet, at least one person on the team should have access to and experience with those tools.

Time commitment: creating the directory is ~15 hour job that starts in the summer and ends when the directories are handed out at the 2nd Booster meeting of the season. The Membership chair also helps distribute the grocery cards and the end of the year DVD to ensure all Boosters receive the benefits of becoming a Band Booster Member.

Alumni Outreach

This team works to maintain close ties with our alumni, and is a target event for this coming year. Work includes revising alumni contact list; waiting on input from Mr. D on revised list so that it includes incoming siblings of seniors that have left; checking with Mr. D on revision needs of letter; revising of letter; making copies of letter (some years Mr. D has done this); purchasing envelopes (Mr. D has some leftovers from last year I believe) and postage; folding letters and stuffing envelopes; mailing letters, getting reimbursement from Board for envelopes and postage. We will be expanding this effort this year to use social networking and will be deliberately staging the Alumni Band at the Homecoming Game as a premium event.

Time commitment: none of this takes much time at all except for the folding/stuffing task. Last year, there were 6 – 7 volunteers and the work was finished in a couple of hours.

Fundraising Coordinator

Volunteers will be responsible for contacting possible fundraising organizations and working with them to stage the event. They will need to set fundraising dates with the band directors in advance, and prepare information packets for students to take home. Volunteers will then need to collect order forms from school and place product order, if needed. Volunteers may need to handle delivery distribution, to fill orders for students. Volunteers will need to be available to answer questions regarding product, order distribution and the funds earned.

Time commitment: several hours of work in advance, and then 2 volunteers on delivery day to make the work much easier. Usually 1 to 2 hour time needed.

Public Relations

This group will work with the local community to publicize the many things the Band does. We have one of the largest and best bands in the State and yet many of our neighbors do not know this. The school does a terrible job of publicizing what we do, but an excellent job of promoting athletics. We need to fix that. These volunteers will work with the local print and broadcast media to put out press releases and facilitate positive informational spots on the achievements of the Band from time to time throughout the year. We need to raise our profile to help encourage involvement and (maybe) generosity in contributing to tax credit donations. 3-4 volunteers needed.

Time commitment: an hour or so every week, on average.

Pit Crew

The Pit Crew is primarily involved with helping move the Pit instruments and Drum Major platforms from equipment staging areas (usually a parking lot at the event site) to the field for performance. Crew members also assist with instrument set up at the direction of students. When performances conclude, crew members assist the students with getting their equipment off the field as quickly (but orderly) as possible and return the instruments to the equipment staging area. No experience is necessary to be part of this team! The veteran crew members gladly assist those who are new with “learning the ropes”. There is some moderate physical activity (i.e. pushing and pulling percussion instruments around); however, anyone who is in average physical shape will find the physical activity to be manageable.

Many of the tasks Pit Crew may help with are expected to be done by the students to teach them responsibility and allow them to “take ownership” of the program. When the students are present allow them to take responsibility – do not be “that parent” that gets in the way of that process. Help where asked to, and allow the students the space to learn.

Time commitments vary: Home games – we ask that crew members be available to assemble outside the music building @5:30-6:00pm to help the Pit students move their equipment to the stadium. We assemble again @5 minutes before the end of the first half of the game to prepare the equipment for movement to the field. At the conclusion of the band’s performance, we assist the Pit students with moving their equipment back to the music building. Away Games – If available, crew members are welcome to come help load the trucks. The trucks are staged outside the music building; loading usually starts @1:00pm the afternoon of the away game and concludes @2:30pm. There is no requirement to be at the school for truck loading; however, we can always use the help if anyone is available. The Pit truck returns to Corona immediately after the band performs at away games (@8:30pm). We can always use help unloading the truck at this time. Competitions – If possible, Pit Crew members are encouraged to travel to competitions. We are always in need of help at these events; however, attendance at competitions is not a requirement.

Hospitality Team

Parent volunteers from all bands performing in concerts come early to receive donations of cookies (brought by band parents) and stay with the cookies on a rotating basis while the concert is going so that all get their chances to see their child perform. The same parent volunteers help clean up after the concert and a few parents who have freezer space take remaining cookies home to store for the next event. Volunteers also need to help with filling coolers for water, putting out tablecloths, napkins, cups, etc. and setting up tables.

Time commitment: an hour or two at each concert event – usually 4-5 per academic year.

DVD Production

The band videographer records video from every performance and post it as soon as possible to the band booster website. Additional video is also recorded at band camp, rehearsals, sectionals, and in the stands. All of that footage along with some photos is consolidated into a DVD (or blu-ray) which is distributed to all of the band boosters. The DVDs may be sent out to a duplication service. A small crew is needed. Experienced videographers with quality equipment are ideal, but we can borrow additional cameras if necessary. Only HD footage is used. One person shoots the video from the pressbox using one or two cameras. Another person is needed down on the track to set up the audio recorder for every performance and may shoot additional video from the field level. Additional field level cameras may also be used for one performance late in the season. The position does require carrying equipment (tri-pods, a mic stand, and video cameras) to every performance.

Time commitment: attending as many band events as possible to document the band experience each year, but this is spread between a team of people. Ability to work as part of that team and to try to adhere to a common set of design goals.

Bus Riders

All adult volunteers for these positions must be cleared and background checked by the Tempe Union HS District in order to volunteer for this position. This process albeit fairly easy can take as long as 6-8 weeks prior to the season. Once cleared volunteers just sign up to ride the bus to an away football game with the Marching Band. Their call time is the same as the students. Once on the bus all students and adults need to be counted. Volunteers will need to identify any students who are not returning on the bus home and have them report to Mr. DuPlessis to make sure they have filled out the proper forms. On the bus there are a variety of behavior and conduct rules that need to be observed and enforced. All rider/chaperones will stay for the entire game and ride the bus home. Once back onboard volunteers will need to count the students. The numbers need to match! If students have switched buses, advise Mr. DuPlessis. The students on each bus are responsible for checking for left items and garbage, but the rider/chaperones usually double check.

Time commitment: Being background checked by the District 2 months in advance. As early as 4pm each away game event, on a Friday, and a continued commitment through 10-11pm that evening. Usually 4-5 away games per season.

Awards Banquet

Volunteers needed to provide adult coverage to set out snacks and beverages provided by the band members for Awards after Marching Band Season. Volunteers need to set up coolers for water and lemonade, which will include picking up ice from vendors to use. Help will be needed with tables for food before the event starts. Volunteers will need to help with decorations/tablecloths to work with whatever theme the kids pick. We will need help to decorate the cafeteria with the Band Council. Some help will be needed with food organization and supervision. After the dance, cleanup is needed and is done by the chaperones.

Time commitment: several hours during event in mid-November, and several hours of preparation before event ranging over several days.

Hydration Team

The Hydration Team duties have transformed a bit with the advent of the new Water Jugs. The plan is for 30 gallons (3 jugs) of water for home and away games. If needed, the three jugs can be transported on the second truck for away games. Members will refill their personal jugs from the 10 gallon jugs. The idea is that the members will come to the jugs for water when they run out but not completely refill their jugs. The Hydration Team does have a role at the CdS Invitational, and provides courtesy water for the bands as they leave the field. Depending on the temperatures and number of members, up to 100 gallons of water and cups may be needed.

Time commitment: you must attend every football game and be responsible for water jugs being filled and put on the trucks, and then put in the stands. 10 games a season, Fridays, starting as early as 4pm.

Football Game Stand Prep

Volunteers are needed to rope off the area where band members sit at home and away games. Help is needed to make signs that say CdS Band and that are taped to the bleachers, and caution tape is used to reserve the space for the bands and the hydration team that works around them. 3-4 volunteers are needed.

Time commitment: less than an hour, but attendance at every football game, home and away.


Volunteers are needed to help with acquisition, storage and sales of Band Booster products such as T-shirts and other items. If new shirts or other products are being offered, the chairs will design or collaborate on the design, with feedback from the booster board. The chair has the flexibility to select any vendor, based on price or service. The chair will work with the vendors to place and receive orders and determine potential sale opportunities. Products are sold during most booster meetings, especially early in the season, during the band camp BBQ and at other events. Products are seldom (almost never) sold at games.

Time commitment: flexible hours prior to events working on design, acquisition and storage. A few hours now and then supporting sales.

Marching Uniform Fitting, Assignment, and Alterations

Volunteers are sought who possess the lost art of hand sewing skills; we need you on the uniform alterations team. Put your sewing skills to good use and wield your needles to hem marching uniform pants. We find the closest uniform match for each marcher, but often need to let a hem down or bring it up an inch or two. Hems are usually stitched by hand, but machine-stitched hems are fine, too. Hemming instructions will be provided.

In addition to clothing construction and alterations experience, the chairperson must also be database proficient. We currently use Excel, Access, and Filemaker Pro to maintain uniform inventory records, generate custom reports, and create uniform labels.

Time commitment: Committee Members, one hour per alteration assignment. Chairperson(s), 5-10 hours/week from June through September or until every marcher is assigned a uniform.

Uniform Check-In

This team of volunteers check that each band member hangs their uniform appropriately after a performance, be it a football game or after competition or other performance. The team also checks their shakos after each performance to make sure they are properly put away. In coordination with the Alteration team, this group also check to see if any alterations or cleaning are needed before the next performance and they show students how to air out their uniforms. Duties also include setting up tables in hallway for check-in, helping students with any uniform issues as they dress, check uniforms after half time for pit and after game for rest of band, and putting tables away after check-in and make sure uniform room is clean.

Time commitment: Chairperson(s) approximately 2-3 hours, committee members approximately 1 hour at every event (home and away games/competitions) where the band performs.

Concert Uniforms

This group maintains the concert uniforms used by the performance bands in the CdS program. Currently there are only formal uniforms for the upper level Wind Ensemble, but we may be adding the lower Concert and Symphonic bands to that suite. There is a definite need to organize this effort at this time as the process of storage and maintenance is in flux. We need volunteers to help with this organization and work with the other groups at Corona that use uniforms such as orchestra and choir to identify a common solution. There is also a need to clear out the storage area of things that appear to have no practical use. 3-4 volunteers needed.

Time commitment: a few hours a week once school starts with the goal of being ready to support the first concerts of the season in late September.

Pops Concert Ice Cream Social

The ice cream social is held after the final band concert of the school year in May. This event occurs once a year and requires a time commitment from the chairperson of a few hours prior to the concert for obtaining supplies. Some supplies need to be purchased, but many are stocked in the band booster closet. The chair recruits about 10-12 volunteers who will scoop the ice cream prior to the concert, help set the ice cream out before the end of the concert, and clean up. This is an easy and fun event with a minimal time commitment.

Time commitment: 1 night in May for a few hours, before during and after the concert.

Poinsettia Fundraiser

The Poinsettia Fundraiser is run at the end of the Fall season to order Poinsettias for the holiday season for the Band Booster members. The flowers are delivered for the Holiday Concert in December and used as decorations for the event, and then distributed after the event to the people who purchased them. Most of the up-front work can be done by one person, and includes contacting the Flower store for current pricing, making up the flyer and copying it for distribution. The best volunteer opportunities are on the day of the Holiday/Winter Concert. 4 – 6 people are needed to help label the poinsettias and bring them to the stage for set up between 1 – 3pm. At least 3 people are needed immediately after the concert to help make sure everyone receives their own labeled flowers. We want to avoid people assuming the flowers are free and just picked them up without advance payment (which has happened!).

Time commitment: a few hours before the event, and a hour or two the night of the event.

Car Wash Fundraiser

Every Spring we hold a car wash fundraiser that has been very useful to offset shortfalls in the budget as the year progresses. The event is staged on a Saturday morning and is coordinated with the Band Council. Volunteers are needed to help run the event, coordinate access to the school and the water faucets, organize provision of hoses and car washing materials, and to organize refreshments and supervise the actual process of washing the cars and handling traffic flow through the parking lot. 8 volunteers needed.

Time commitment: one morning for the wash itself, and a few hours before in planning.

Trip Food

Volunteers plan and prepare food for the band members as required per Mr. Duplessis or Mr. Werner. This is needed usually two to four times per year. The food menu is decided upon with the help of the band directors. Duties are to buy and assemble food to be taken on the band trips. Many times this means “bandwiches.” The Chairperson buys the food and arranges for volunteers to help assemble the food. The Chairperson distributes the food or arranges for others to do this.

Time commitment: One hour for shopping; two hours for preparing; and one hour to distribute the food to the kids. Total of four to five hours per trip

Senior Night

This committee makes preparations to honor the seniors and their parents for their dedication and hard work as an Aztec Marching Band Member/Supporter. The parents and students are honored at Senior Night (the last home game). Volunteers will check the date for senior night, facilitate meetings, set the date to take senior pictures, get a list of seniors, line up a photographer, get a band picture in the football program, order supplies, line up an announcer, contact the DVD people for videotaping, and contact the school to request an extra 10 minutes for half-time. Volunteers will also need to develop all forms necessary for communication, prepare a senior announcement for senior night, follow up with the photographer regarding senior night pictures, send thank you notes as needed, and submit receipts for reimbursement. A minimum of at least four volunteers will be needed to complete the following projects: make senior ribbons (this designates students as seniors), make senior posters, make senior badges, hand out badges to parents as they come to the stadium, help line up parents for halftime ceremony, and help parents with pictures afterwards.

Time Commitment: Depending on numbers of seniors, there is work to do that amounts to about 2 to 3 hours for members and 3-4 hours for the chairperson. In addition, three (3) meetings are held that are 1 to 2 hours long to plan and check in before senior night. A timeline exists that begins in late July and ends in October.