Update – March 30, 2020

We will be officially moving classes online for Tempe Union starting tomorrow.  All classes will be posting assignments for the week by 9 am each Monday morning, and all assignments will be due by Sunday night at 11:59 pm (including band classes).  This will be standard practice for EVERY class you are enrolled in. For brass and woodwind students, please use the “CDS Combined Concert Bands” class on Schoology ( https://tempeunion.schoology.com/ ).  For Percussion, click on your Percussion class in Schoology. All our assignments and responses will be posted/recorded there. 

We will be updating our Band Council application and posting that on Monday April 6 with more information on how to apply for drum major, section leader, and committees for next year.  We will also be sending out more information regarding Marching Band Camp 2020 in the next couple weeks. Our plan is not to inundate you with emails and text reminders – but please start to get in the habit of checking the Schoology page each Monday morning so you can plan out your week accordingly for band and your other classes. We hope you are all doing well and we miss you!  

Office Hours – email us and we will get back to you if you need help!

FROM MR. KLEVE – PRINCIPAL (in case you missed his email last Friday):

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