Regional Auditions

UPDATE: Congratulations to the 45 Corona del Sol Band students who successfully auditioned into the AMEA West Regional Honor Band and Orchestra! The festival will be held Feb.14-15 at Skyline HS (More info distributed in class).

AMEA West Region Honor Band
 Alto Saxophone - William Freiheit
 Alto Saxophone - Jax Hatfield
 Alto Saxophone - Daniel Abreau
 Bass Clarinet - Brogen Keys
 Clarinet - Kara Hardy
 Clarinet - Magnus Tucker
 Clarinet - Andy Amazeen
 Clarinet - Craig Ruiz
 Clarinet - Kelly Raines
 Clarinet - Zach Luker
 Clarinet - Anika Voss
 Euphonium - Rachel Smalley
 Euphonium - Cooper Anderson
 Flute - Julia Brown
 Flute - Sadie Cavanaugh-Toft
 Flute - Sophia Garcia Rioz Taraskina
 Flute - Alexa Roth
 Flute - Tina Sun
 Horn - Skylar Padilla
 Horn - Raquel Rubio
 Horn - Haley Ross
 Horn - Dallon Jarman
 Horn - Davin Jarvis (also made it in Choir)
 Oboe - Abby Carmack
 Percussion - Caden Shelton
 Piccolo - Maxine Tauson
 Trombone - Andre Palma
 Trombone - Mathias Logvin
 Trombone - Connor O'Brien
 Trumpet - Noah Miller
 Trumpet - David Boone
 Trumpet - Christian LaPenna
 Trumpet - Andrew Goodman
 Tuba - Sam Maurer
AMEA West Region Honor Orchestra
 Flute - Lisa Masuyama
 Flute - Emily Zemke
 Oboe - Isabel Ghosh
 Clarinet - Dante Baldi
 Bassoon - Gina Mills
 Bassoon - Leilani Nichols
 Horn - Madison Cheatham
 Trombone - Kevin Delzepich
 Trombone - David Zhao
 Trombone - Liam Ruiz
 Percussion - John Banta 

Piccolo - Cecilia Johnson
Bass Clarinet - Ben Lueck
Alto Saxophone - Blake Gonzalez
Alto Saxophone - Daniel Lim
Tenor Saxophone - Mikale Kaminer
Tenor Saxophone - Daniel Lim
Baritone Saxophone - Kyle Bombardier
Trumpet - Isabel McClure
Trombone - Connor Neal
Euphonium - Maleah Cooper
Tuba - Drelyn Monroe
Tuba - Owen Dock

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