Percussion Bands FAQ

How are percussion classes assigned?

2nd Hour – Freshman percussion class

1st Hour- Intermediate level percussion class

6th Hour- Highest level percussion class–Audition required in prior spring semester. ┬áIt is this group that competes in Winter Guard International Percussion competitions in the spring semester.

How do percussionist participate in concert band?

Percussionists are enrolled in a percussion class, but have the opportunity to perform with the concert bands. Interested students are assigned parts in the band pieces by the director, Scott Werner. A few weeks before scheduled performances they will attend class with the band (during the time of their enrolled percussion class). Students are encouraged to volunteer if they are interested.

What is PIT in marching band, and what are the important differences compared to other marching band members (winds/drumline)?

The PIT is the term for the “front ensemble” in the marching band. Pit is comprised of marimba, vibe, bells, xylophone, timpani, synthesizer, bass guitar, and other accessory instruments that are not able to “march’ on the field. The PIT is often the largest section in Corona’s band, and sometimes practices seperately since they do not need to learn marching sets. They often have a different uniform that is related to the theme of the show. Since they have many large and heavy instruments they may have different time requirements due to needing to load and unload equipment from the truck. The parent Pit crew is crucial to helping the front ensemble get on and off the field for performances.