Parent Percussion Ensemble

Welcome to our virtual percussion ensemble! When you finish you will send me 4 videos of you playing grooves 1-4. What you will need: 1 plastic cup per person, a way to video record (computer or phone), a way to play back audio (computer or phone) and head phones (earbuds or airpods). Download the Groove Click Tracks to your play back device (phone). You will play the Groove Click Tracks in headphones when you perform the piece. Watch the intro video and tutorial videos to learn the piece. For additional help with the music, download the “Cup-Music Cheat Sheet”. After you are done recording your 4 videos, send them to The files may be too large to send through e-mail. Try to send them through a gmail account or attach them to a google drive. It would be great to get the videos by September 21st. Thanks Scott


Groove #1 Click Track
Groove #2 Click Track
Groove #3 Click Track
Groove #4 Click Track