Game Day!

We are excited for the Aztec Marching Band that has their first football game performance this Friday! A few game day details:
Parents and family members – if you want to come and watch and support your students, tickets are being sold exclusively online again this year (there is no cash entry at the gate). Please wear your yellow band booster gear! (if you haven’t gotten a shirt yet – our boosters will have those on sale for you to get) Here’s some info from our district:

  • Here’s the Link to order tickets: 
  • All spectators/volunteers must wear masks when indoors (i.e. – bathrooms, band room, etc.).  Masks are optional outside. Those not in compliance will be asked to leave the premises by school security.
  • All spectators must exit the stadium immediately after the games and refrain from post-game gatherings.
  • Performers in the Marching Band do NOT need a ticket.

CALL TIME – this is what time students are ready, dressed in uniform, in their sections in the Band Room. For this first game – we want everyone dressed in their full uniform BY 5 pm. To be on time is to be early, so we recommend students arrive from about 4:15-4:20 pm in order to have enough time to change and deal with any uniform issues that may arise. Color Guard may need to arrive earlier with hair and makeup requirements.

  • FOR ALL SECTIONS: NO JEWELRY (small “stud” earrings are okay). Long hair should be pulled back out of your face and behind your ears (recommend french braiding or a bun if possible, or ponytail). No sunglasses or other hats. Color Guard will have more specific hair instructions.
  • Woodwinds, Brass – black gloves, black MTX marching shoes (polished and clean), plain black LONG socks (that cover the ankles and lower legs), 2021 Band t-shirt under uniform, lightweight athletic shorts or bicycle shorts under uniform, uniform (“bibbers” – pants; jacket – zipped up with no overlay, gauntlets, shako and plume). 
  • Drum Majors – same as above, with WHITE gloves and capes.
  • Pit: black MTX marching shoes (polished and clean), plain black LONG socks (that cover the ankles and lower legs), 2021 Band t-shirt under uniform, lightweight athletic shorts or bicycle shorts under uniform, uniform (“bibbers” – pants; jacket – zipped up with no overlay). Pit members don’t wear shakos or gauntlets.
  • Drumline: same as above, with the addition of plain black wristbands.
  • Color Guard: dance shoes,body tights under uniform, designated undergarments (ask Brandy if unsure), Guard NYC uniform, hair and makeup as designated by Brandy – all done BEFORE 5 pm. Check with section leaders on meeting times and places prior to call time.

GAME DAY SCHEDULE – Friday September 3 at CdS

  • Students should EAT DINNER BEFORE CALL TIME (eating food from the concession booths while in uniform is not permitted). Students should bring a LARGE FILLED WATER BOTTLE with their name clearly labeled with them to call time. We will refill during the game.
  • 4 pm – Band Room doors open
  • 5 pm – CALL TIME in band room; announcements (to be on time is to be EARLY!)
  • After announcements – students take off uniform coats, line up, head to practice field
  • Short visual warm-up; music warmups; full band plays together 
  • 6:30 pm – Band goes into stadium to set up in the stands
  • 6:50 pm – CdS Wind Ensemble plays National Anthem on the track
  • 7 pm – Game starts (spectators are required to purchase tickets online ahead of time – see link above)
  • Approx 8 pm – HALFTIME SHOW – CdS Band performs!
  • After halftime – CdS Band visits with Mountain Pointe Band; Pit returns instruments to Percussion Room; Band performs in 3rd and 4th quarter of game.
  • Approx 9:00 pm – Game ends; band lines up to march in 
  • Approx 9:15-9:30 pm – Band members change out of uniform, fold uniforms NICELY and line up to check uniforms in with the Uniform Parents. Uniforms not properly folded will be sent to the back of the line to try again.
  • Approx 9:45-10 pm – after students return their uniforms and equipment back to storage areas, they are permitted to leave.
  • Optional – but encouraged!  After several of our events, band families will host parties for the kids. We will distribute driving directions for these after game parties. Sometimes there is a donation (i.e. – $5 for pizza). More details will be on the fliers. Special thanks to our band families offering the kids a safe place to hang out after the game! Most parties are done around midnight at the latest.
  • Questions? A student should ask a section leader or drum major first – as these students are the most knowledgeable at all the ‘little details’ our band is famous for!

Welcome Back!

Please review our BAND HANDBOOK for information about grading policies and more!

Please review our CALENDAR for dates of our concerts for this year. If you aren’t in Marching Band, you can ignore the “MB” rehearsals/events.

Please complete the HANDBOOK AGREEMENT FORM by Thursday August 5 (Extra credit if you complete by Monday August 2!)

Interested in Honors credit (1st/6th hour band)? See the HONORS ASSIGNMENTS and fill out the HONORS SIGNUP by Thursday August 5.

Marching Band 2021

Parent/Student Meeting Slides (from Wed. May 19, 2021 meeting)

Paperwork Information Packet (please read ALL for payment deadlines and more!)

Corona Bands Information Form and Agreement – GOOGLE FORM (DUE JUNE 14)

Tax Credit Donate Online Here! (be sure to select “Corona del Sol” for school, and “Band” for activity). FORWARD RECEIPTS TO MR. DUPLESSIS – Marching Band Payment 1 of $400 is due JUNE 14 (can be paid with tax credit) – for downloading/submitting medical clearance paperwork and physical forms. ALL MEDICAL FORMS ARE DUE JULY 1.

Calendar with all events/rehearsals – Click “Calendar” at the top of this page. Don’t forget to “subscribe” to add the calendar to your google calendar or other calendar app.

Instrument Check-out signup (Tues May 25) for Marching Band Brass and Woodwind players ($50 fee per school instrument). Sign up for a time by clicking the link.

Happy Birthday!

Corona del Sol Steel Drum Video

Check out our latest Steel Drum Video! Can’t wait to perform live on May 11th!!!!